Friday, December 6, 2013

Deciding between apps for SharePoint and SharePoint solutions

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Please find below higher level decision table to go with apps for SharePoint and SharePoint solutions-

Apps for SharePoint
SharePoint Solution
If you are building for Office 365, the choice is pretty clear that apps are the way to go.
If you are building a customization for the Central Admin, then a full-trust solution is the way to go.
Apps do not require you to do this at the same scale as full-trust code due to their loosely coupled nature.
Typically full-trust code must be reevaluated when you are upgrading SharePoint to ensure that the customizations will not negatively impact the upgrade to the next version.
Apps require you to just understand the object model you are using because an app will not impact the performance or stability of the SharePoint environment.
Full-trust code requires a deep understanding of the internal workings of SharePoint to build stable and scalable solutions.

Application lifecycle
Due to the isolated nature of apps, apps, in most cases, will not require that your application lifecycle processes test the SharePoint environment and other customizations along with your app.
Full trust code requires extensive lifecycle management processes and procedures to not only make sure the app itself works as expected, but to insure that the SharePoint environment including any other full trust customizations is also stable.

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