Monday, April 8, 2013

sharepoint 2013 login as a different user

Hello All,

I was testing the application I developed in SP 2013 and I observed that SP2013 is no longer having sign in with diffrent user link.

I found the workaround to overcome this situation:-


append above url to your SharePoint site URL and it will openup the popup which ask you for the credentials.

Sachin K.

Failed to create term set: A default managed metadata service connection hasn't been specified SharePoint 2013

Hi All,

SharePoint 2013 has new feature that allow you to save your custom navigation in the Managed Metadata Service Application. I was playing around it and faced the following issue very first time when I tried to enable the managed navigation.

To resolve this issue navigate to central administration-->Manage Service Applications. In that click on Manage metadata service and select properties option.

Check the box next to “This service application is the default storage location for column specific term sets.” 

Now you should be able to create Term Set when enabling Managed Navigation.

Sachin Katkar.