Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Create Custom Master Page in SharePoint 2013

Hi all,

Creating custom master page is now easier in SharePoint 2013. You can do this with the new feature “Design Manager”. What you will need is just HTML template of your master page along with all required files and a publishing site in SharePoint 2013.

I am not expert in designing aspects :) but here in this post I will explain you how to create simple custom master page from HTML design template in SharePoint 2013.

Here I assume that you are having HTML design template ready with you and it has folder structure as mention below.

First of all you need create publishing site where you are going to apply your custom master page. After successful creation of publishing site you will see two sections on your welcome page. One is I ‘m the Information Architect and another is I ‘m the visual designer.

To create custom master page, you will need to click on Design your site link present under I ‘m the visual designer section.

This will redirect you to the page Design Manager Page which helps you to create your own site design in SharePoint.

You can also navigate to this page from Site Action-->Design Manager Link.


Click on 4. Edit Master Page’s link.

Click on Convert an HTML Files to a SharePoint Master Page Link to map your HTML design template.

Upload your HTML Folder structure (all images, css, js and html file) to this location. You can also do this with the help of SharePoint Designer as well.

After uploading all necessary documents go to the Design Manager.
Click on 4. Edit Master Pages and then click on Convert an HTML File to a SharePoint master page. You will see your HTML page there select that page and click on insert button it will insert master page in to designer managers master page list.

Make sure to publish this file otherwise it will not be available in master page gallery and you will not able to select it from the dropdown list.

Note: You need to take care of you HTML design, it should not contain any unclosed tags and it should be bug free to get it working in first attempt otherwise SharePoint will display an error message when converting HTML file to master page.

Sachin K.

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