Friday, October 2, 2009

XSLT Web Part Connections

Start out with both web parts in SharePoint designer

Convert both to XSLT Data View. (Right Click on the web part)

Get rid of the extra items in each web part
(Click on DataView Properties to remove the tool bar):

Uncheck SharePoint List Toolbar

Remove the Description field and the from the Right Web Part by Deleting the item in the cells:


Rearrange the cells in the Left Web Part:

Remove the hyperlink from the Title field in both web parts. Click on a title and the format menu appears:

Choose Format as Text

To set up the web part connect, click on the arrow in top right of the Right Web Part and choose Web Part Connections. Choose Send Row of Data To and click Next

Connect to a Web Part on this page and click Next

Target Web Part – Left Web Part
Target action – Get Filter Values (click Next)

Look for the Title field in the Right column, clink in the corresponding column on the left and choose Title, then click Next

Choose Title in the Create a hyperlink on field (click Next)

Click Finished

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